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Wednesday, March 31, 2004

In Washington D.C., no one can hear you speed: "The District's newest photo-radar camera in Northeast caught 788 speeding drivers in the first 48 hours of enforcement, generating at least $23,640 in fines, police said yesterday.
The camera on Sunday caught 504 cars speeding in the 600 block of Florida Avenue, where the speed limit is 25 mph. On Monday, it caught 284 cars traveling above the speed limit, police said"

The policius ex machina is right next to Gallaudet University, and coincidentally, on the exact route that I take to the grocery store.

Not surprisingly, I speed on this section of Florida all the time. it is a four lane road where only two are really needed most of the time. it is right near the farmers market so early in morning there is a lot of truck traffic.

I would say the minimum speed I used to drive on the street was around 40 mph. The street just begs for it.

well not anymore.

But if my ice cream melts on the way home then I am going to sue!


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