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Thursday, March 18, 2004

Kerry Gets The Endorsement He was Seeking!

Former Malaysian Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad yesterday said the world might be safer if US President George W Bush loses to John Kerry in November’s US elections.

"The war in Iraq has worsened the terrorism problem," he said.
"I think Kerry would be much more willing to listen to the voices of people and of the rest of the world," Dr. Mahathir said.

Why that is quite nice. I knew Kerry would get the support he claimed. Let's see what else this Foreign Leader has said in the past.:

"'The Europeans killed 6 million Jews out of 12 million, but today the Jews rule the world by proxy. They get others to fight and die for them.'"

And this:

""For well over half a century we have fought over Palestine. What have we achieved? Nothing. We are worst off than before. If we had paused to think, then we could have devised a plan, a strategy that can win us final victory."

A 'final solution'? That sounds bad for Jewish people around the world. Could a Kerry presidency be a part of that?

Well how about this statement by Dr. Malathir:

"It cannot be that there is no other way. 1.3 billion Muslims cannot be defeated by a few million Jews. There must be a way. And we can only find a way if we stop to think, to assess our weaknesses and our strength, to plan, to strategise and then to counter attack."

Mmm what way could that be? Through the power of ideas? Noooo.

"We are enjoined by our religion to prepare for the defence of the ummah. Unfortunately we stress not defence but the weapons of the time of the Prophet. Those weapons and horses cannot help to defend us any more. We need guns and rockets, bombs and warplanes, tanks and warships for our defence."

Great. That sounds nice and peaceful. Oh and in case you were curious as to the Arabic translation of the word Jew, it is enemy.

"The enemy will probably welcome these proposals and we will conclude that the promoters are working for the enemy. But think. We are up against a people who think. They survived 2000 years of pogroms not by hitting back, but by thinking. They invented and successfully promoted Socialism, Communism, human rights and democracy so that persecuting them would appear to be wrong, so they may enjoy equal rights with others. With these they have now gained control of the most powerful countries and they, this tiny community, have become a world power. We cannot fight them through brawn alone. We must use our brains also. "

To the ocean and beyond indeed.

Well now Kerry has the endorsement of a North Korean Dictator and a Muslim extremist. That is quite some campaign he is running.

I can't wait to see what Sadam says under interrogation.


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