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Monday, March 08, 2004

Kerry makes nice first date.: "In the first national poll since the presidential campaign became a two-person race, Massachusetts Sen. John Kerry leads President Bush, 52%-44%.
Kerry's 8-point lead with likely voters in the USA TODAY/CNN/Gallup Poll comes after he effectively clinched the Democratic nomination on Tuesday and Bush followed with three speeches criticizing Kerry's record in the Senate and charging that the country would be less safe under his leadership. "

Is he polite enough to merit a second date? Or even, gasp, a long term relationship. is America the next grieving widow he steps into woo? he is effective at it.

We will see. At this point national polls are really meaningless. Besides I think the Republicans have already given up on winning the popular vote. The polls that matter are Missouri, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New Mexico, Arizona and Florida.

Finally, while the campaign on Kerry's flip flops are nice and clever, i don't know how effective they will be. For example, if Kerry is willing to change his vote to or policy based on political expediency doesn't that mean he will eventually support my point of view?


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