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Thursday, March 18, 2004


I hope all of your pools are filled out. I am in 3 for no money because I flat out am the worst sports bettor in the history of the world. I am a mush. I will kill your action. Also I think gambling is an inherently destructive and addicting activity that serves no social good other than to put money in the pockets of organized crime and stumbling beuraucrats. Go out and buy a set of paints and a few canvases instead.

So with those happp ythoughts here are mythoughts on the early games: 12 Manhattan vs. 5 Florida & 9 Charlotte vs. 8 Texas Tech & 13 UTEP vs. 4 Maryland. .

I like Manhattan to open the tourney with a win and Texas Tech to hold nicely, Maryland should just squeak by. In terms of spreads, I would take Tech to cover, but Maryland will not.

For the next set of games: 13 VCU vs. 4 Wake Forest & 16 Liberty vs. 1 St. Joseph's & 9 Southern Ill. vs.8 Alabama & 12 BYU vs 5 Syracuse..

I like all of the favorites to win. Wake will cover, St. Joe's will not, Alabam should not and Syracuse should.

Remeber once again I am a monster mush.

Good luck.

For the entire tournament my final four is Duke, UCONN, Georgia Tech and Oklahoma State. I like Georgia Tech to beat UConn in the final.


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