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Wednesday, March 31, 2004

McCain Feingold Comes Alive! "President Bush's campaign and the Republican National Committee are filing a complaint with the Federal Election Commission.
They're accusing John Kerry and pro-Kerry groups of violating campaign-spending laws.
They claim Kerry's campaign has been illegally coordinating political ads and get-out-the-vote activities with independent groups.
Groups like MoveOn-dot-org have been running ads critical of Bush in several battleground states. Kerry has also been running ads in the key states, but on a much smaller scale."

I think this is a warning shot aimed at Theresa Heinz actually.

While I think that the Move-On ads help as much as hurt the Kerry campaign, I think that a truly independent environmental ad from Theresa Heinz would in fact help the Kerry campaign.

How the GOP goes about proving its case here will be telling.


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