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Thursday, March 18, 2004

Microsoft still refusing to unbundle. "The European Commission claims it is striking a blow on behalf of consumers by forcing Microsoft to unbundle its media player from its Windows software. But Microsoft has blamed a concerted effort by rivals to undermine a product package that it says consumers like."

Microsoft is so stupid. All they would have to do is include a link in their installation package of an audio or video file that would ask users if they would like to use WinMedia to play it.

Most would and that would take care of many many users.

Next they would include it as a feature in all msn subscribers.

Next they could invite users to install WinMed with all Windows Software Upgrades.

This would fill the market quite nicely and for much cheaper than all this litigation.

i don't know why they are so obstinate over this one software package. There are so many different types of media files out there, and there always will be, you those creative types, that they should aim at staying with the game at this point instead of trying to buy the game.


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