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Thursday, March 11, 2004

Oh that liberal media...

This article by boston Globe writer Patrick Healy is truly remarkable in its panache to restate campaign mumbo jumbo as actual news. Kerry has proposed a series of monthly debates with the President in order to even out the money and prestige difference between the two men. However the Boston Globe reports it thusly:

"The debate proposal, coming on a day when Kerry closed in on the Democratic nomination with sweeping primary victories in Florida, Texas, Mississippi, and Louisiana, was not quite a gauntlet-throwing challenge but a "spontaneuous idea," a senior aide said, that the Massachusetts senator offered in response to an 11-year-old student reporter asking how the eight months till the general election might unfold. Yet it reflected Kerry's determination to engage Bush directly on issues such as jobs, prescription drug costs, and the war in Iraq, instead of the rival camp's tit for tat on narrower topics such as gay marriage and Kerry's individual votes during his 19-year Senate career.

So Kerry's actual record is off limits now? That's just tit for tat politics? Incredible. oh and I suppose it doesn't matter that the Massachusetts Legislature is debating all day today on a gay marriage ban amendment. but that doesn't make it an actual issue. Mind you this was not the campaign's statement this was the objective text of the article.

By the way the article also states that: Patrick Healy can be reached at phealy@globe.com.


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