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Wednesday, March 10, 2004

Photo-Dude dissembles Howard Stern

Photo dude, a radio veteran and photgrapher extraordinaire, has a long and excellent post on Howard Stern entitled, Dead Man Talking, And Talking, And Talking

Here are some great bits:

"So you can either support the community standards protection the FCC has always provided, or you can support abolishing the FCC completely, and letting media sink to the lowest profane level that can find a niche audience.

There really is no middle ground."

I agree completely, and I would love to support the second option. It makes a lot of sense when applied to Howard Stern or NPR, both of which I listen to, very often. And both of which you know exactly what they will deliver before you even turn the radio to those channels. But what about the great divide in the middle, or the great unwashed masses of D.J. in between.

Maybe if the radio industry decided to police itself somehow and institute a ratings system that would be broadcast systematically throughout a program, then we could have number #2. Right now it is not workable for the majority of the industry.

And this:
"Infinity feels Howard’s controversial acts and FCC fines ... millions of dollars ... are a cost of doing business, with their “cash cow.” They profit from it.

Obviously, Clear Channel has made a different business decision, perhaps as a result of the sting from a $755,000 fine over another of their “talents.” "

they obviously do profit from it. Mel Karmazin is not standing up for Howard because he believes in the sanctity of playing anal ring toss. If money was an issue, Howard will be gone.

Read the whole thing.


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