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Friday, March 19, 2004

Quick Update on Googling Atrios

He is not in fact foreign as I stated before. I was confused by this post
Eschaton: "You know what, I'm banned by the New York Times too! They STILL refuse to publish my piece on the dangers that British ex-pats pose to our national security..."

Where I thought he was being self referential. Instead he was talking about Andrew Sullivan. To whom he is very mean by the way.

He is most likely from the UniTed Staes but he travelled overseas alot as a youth. Considering theses two posts.
Eschaton: "My wife grew up in a country where they care about such things, so I've been following the whole thing a little bit (including staying up very late one night to watch a match)."

Eschaton: "I really can't believe this stuff. A judge has ordered a father not to speak to his child in Spanish.

..you know, I know the instant response of many Republicans will be 'good. the child should learn English.' As someone who has spent a bit of time being an ex-pat, and witnessing the massive American expat communities in other countries who send their kids to American schools, and never bother to learn the local language despite spending decades there..."

So we have a thirty something college type professor with a wife with an Asian name who is foreign living in Philadelphia who travelled around alot as a child and has at least one graduate degree.

That could be half of the Dean campaign.


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