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Friday, March 19, 2004

Stern Gets His Fine..: "In another decision Thursday, the FCC proposed fining Infinity Broadcasting the maximum $27,500 for a Stern show broadcast July 26, 2001, on WKRK-FM in Detroit. The FCC received a complaint from a Detroit listener about a show that featured discussions about sexual practices and techniques. "

This is quite odd, considering that the same broadcast is sent all over the country, but it makes some sense. Broadcasts are usually gauged by "community standards." In this case the community standard was based on the City of Detroit, where the complaint came through. Which is why Stern did not recieve a much larger fine for all of the stations.

The show recaps are keep by MarksFriggin.com. Ironically, on the offending day, "Howard said that he has won the ''Syndicated Personality of the Year'' award from Radio and Record for the 10th time in a row. He didn't even realize it's been that many times. "

And, guess what, I actually remember listening that day. Not because of the offending material but instead due to the several of the outrageous stories discussed by Artie Lange on his show MAD TV.

Marksfriggin.com has a fairly descriptive discussion of the offending material. I will not relate it here but it invovled the graphic defining of several terms that they had been using on the show, including: a Blumpkin a Balloon knot an Angry Dragon.

He actually declined to define several other terms as he felt that would have been too naughty for radio.

I think this move was fairly lenient by the FCC and this may be the end of it. As you may know, Federal law bars radio stations and over-the-air television channels from airing obscene references to sexual and excretory functions between 6 a.m. and 10 p.m., when children may be tuning in. The rules do not apply to cable and satellite channels or satellite radio.

I also think that alot of this regulation is ridiculous.


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