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Thursday, March 18, 2004

Surrounded Al Qaeda leader may be Zawahri "A senior government official in Islamabad told Reuters that Zawahri, bin Laden's right-hand man among the Islamist al Qaeda network, may indeed be surrounded. "

Let's see if they get him. Dean makes the incredible claim that Bush himself let Bin Laden free at Tora Bora. Of course he will say anything. It is unclear now if any U.S. Special Forces are invovled, no word on that anyway. But the first direct attack by Pakistani Troops was rebuffed, and it is possible that U.S. special Forces joined the batle. There is a 25 million reward on the head of the leader of Egyptian Fundamentalist Jihad.

One note, several news sources have reported that their network reporters are going to be going to the border area in SW Pakistan. Brave guys. Crazy guys, but brave guys.


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