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Thursday, March 25, 2004

Too early for the Clarke effect...: "The latest Rasmussen Reports Presidential Tracking Poll shows Senator John F. Kerry at 47%, President George W. Bush at 44%, and 'some other candidate' at 4%."

I think this is more likely a response to gas prices. OPEC has sort of announced a pro-Kerry position and it does not shock me at this point that they have decided not to increase production.

Higher gas prices are a massive drain on the economy. Eventhough we will two consecutive quarters with growth rates above 4%, that type of growth is needed if inflationary pressures of higher gas costs.

What is really disgusting is when Ted Kennedy chides Bush for the prices.: " Mr. Kennedy and other committee Democrats said they were outraged that the administration is not doing everything in its power to alleviate the strain on drivers, consumers and businesses."

Great Ted. Of course you want to impose a gasoline tax which would have the exact same effect. Nice.

Both parties have their own starve the beast proposals. Teh Republicans want to starve the government beast (purportedly) to reduce the size of the government and the Democrats want to starve the gasoline beast so that we will all return to riding horses. Or something like that.

Speaking of Ted Kennedy, I caught about 5 to 10 minutes of yet another special on the Kennedy's the other night. The special was focused on the next generation of Kennedy kids and their various successes and drug and alcohol relateed failures.

Two greatest moments in the special:

For no reason whatsoever they included a segment on Chappequiddick. The special had nothing to do with Ted but they included it anyway. Nice. Mary Jo Kopeckne, God Bless Her Soul, should be on currency.

When the interviewer mentioned to Bobby Jr, or Teddy Jr or one of em that the most successful thrid generation Kennedy was Arnold Schwarzenegger, ("Ha ha!") the Kennedy said, "Well we shall see if he can get his policies enacted." What a jerk. Nice brotherly love there buddy.

By the way if any network exec's happen to stumble across this lowly blog I would just like to add:



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