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Monday, March 15, 2004

Too painful to watch

Larry David's season fianle of Curb your Enthusiams was on tonight. Unfortunately I just could not watch it, despit it being one of the top three shows on T.V. (South Park, Sopranos and the Daily Show also up there. Notice how they are all on Cable. Is broadcast T.V. dead? I cannot think of a single example of must see t.v. on broadcast television that is not a reality show.). The show just hits too close to home and is too painful. I will catch it in short blocks over the next week, in dibestible doses so to speak. But every time I watch I get this horrble anxiety knowing that in almost every situation he is in , I woulD make the same or close to same decisions with undoubtedly the same results.

If anyone has any reviews please fell free to comment.


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