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Thursday, March 11, 2004

TradeSports on the elections I have gotten some email suggesting that instead of the Ladbroke's exchange I use the tradesports odds.

The emailer makes excellent points on the services tradesports provides. The spread is much smaller on Tradesports and so your value is much higher. For example on the Bush election the odds are currently somewhat closer.

The betting spread at Ladbrokes is right at 66-33 Bush, while at tradesports it is closer at 60-40.

I do not actually bet on these things, nor do I support state regulated gambling as an activity, mostly because I am so bad at it. But also because it removes money from the economy and directly into the government coffers with no resulting economic benefit to the state that supports it. I think state sponsored lotteries are horrible for this reason.

I do however think that these statements on the election are much closer to reality than the polls or odds the pundits present. The vast majority of bettors, save those who bet on the Fighting Irish of Notre Dame, the Chicago Cubs or Boston Celtics, actually bet with their head instead of heart.


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