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Thursday, March 18, 2004

Well I am right on the money so far shockingly. i picked the one upset right and so far have gotten the other games right.

Now for the late games:
"16 TX San Antonio v. Stanford, 15 Vermont vs. 2 Connecticut, 10 Dayton vs. 7 DePaul, 16 Alabama St. vs.1 Duke, 14 Princeton vs. 3 Texas , 9 Arizona vs. 8 Seton Hall, 11 Air Force vs.
6 North Carolina"

Ok for the upsets here, I Like Arizona and Dayton.
For the losers that cover the spread, i like Air Force and Princeton.
For the Winners that Cover I like Stanford, UConn and Duke.

Will the undefeated streak continue?

Not bloody likely.


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