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Saturday, May 15, 2004

Abortion, the one issue above allllll others.: "Despite weeks of steadfast rejections from Senator John McCain, some prominent Democrats are angling for him to run for vice president alongside Senator John Kerry of Massachusetts, creating a bipartisan ticket that they say would instantly transform the presidential race.
The enthusiasm of Democrats for Mr. McCain, an Arizona Republican, is so high that even some who have been mentioned as possible Kerry running mates � including Senator Bill Nelson of Florida and Bob Kerrey, the former Nebraska senator � are spinning scenarios about a 'unity government,' effectively giving Mr. Kerry a green light to reach across the political aisle and extend an offer.
'Senator McCain would not have to leave his party,' Mr. Kerrey said. 'He could remain a Republican, would be given some authority over selection of cabinet people. The only thing he would have to do is say, `I'm not going to appoint any judges who would overturn Roe v. Wade,' ' the Supreme Court decision that legalized abortion, which Mr. McCain has said he opposes. "

That's it. Abortion. With everything else he can be as Republican as he wants to be. The Democratic Party does not care. An end to welfare? Fine! Privatizing social security? Great idea. Gay marriage? Not for us!. Affirmative action in graduate school admissions? Perish the thought.

But abortion. NO. Never. It is the one right above all others that must be preserved in order to call yourself a Democrat.

Are there any rights or goverment obligations that are intrinsically defined in the Republican party?

Possibly, but I can't think of any disqualifying thought.

Welcome to the Big Tent. No ethical standards needed.


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