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Thursday, May 27, 2004

But the public seems to get it:(from the San Jose (CA) Mercury News (5/27, Carroll))

"'Although some politicians elsewhere were skeptical of the timing -- coming as public opinion polls show deeply eroded confidence in the president -- several people interviewed at the airport today seemed willing to take the warning at face value. ... In general, they said the federal government was probably right to raise public awareness now, before a string of upcoming high-profile events that might make inviting targets: Saturday's dedication of a World War II monument in Washington, the 'G-8' economic summit in Georgia and the political party conventions in Washington and Boston.' The Mercury News adds, 'If Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge and Attorney General John Ashcroft believe they have credible evidence of terrorists who are already in the United States planning a major attack this summer, they were wise to warn people, the travelers said. But only if they develop more specific information should the color-coded threat level be increased. ... "

Exactly. Boy if only John kerry had said that he may have earned some respect, but no, another wasted chance.


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