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Monday, May 10, 2004

Can Burger King Inc. marry Mr. Coffee Inc.? Maybe in Massachusetts. 100 years ago today in Santa Clara County v. Southern Pac. R.R. the Supreme Court ruled that corporations were persons for the purposes of the Fourteenth Amendment, section 1, and therefore due equal protection under its laws.

So where is my corporate marriage rights!? Mayor Newsome I am looking at you! Oh sure, you have those who say "why not a civil merger? It is basically the same thing." Just a different name and all that. Well a merger is not a marriage! Seperate is not equal, even if one party is an actual living breathing human being and the other is a loosely defined group of rules and bylaws designed to avoid liability and spread out a tax burden. My body of bylaws, My Right!!!

Corporations demand and deserve the equality of language as well as further joint filing tax exempt status. For example last year MCI had to pay over $361.52 in taxes for fiscal year 1982, after 21 years of legal wrangling with the IRS. NExt year they expect a settlement in their 1983 filing and we cannot afford to have them pay anything over $500.00. That is just too high.

Corporations deserve the roughly 25,136,345 rights benefits and privileges that accompany the theologically-derived-woman-demeaning- but emminently unequal if not shared - institution of marriage. If Elizabeth Taylor can marry Richird Burton a half a dozen times then why can't Halliburton marry Lord and Taylor just once?

Corporations are people too, or at least they are persons under the Fourtenth Amendment, and they deserve their rights.


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