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Friday, May 21, 2004

Chlorine , yes, Lead, not so much... (washingtonpost.com)

Lead levels in DC drinking water fell significantly after the city's water treatment plants switched to chlorine for annual pipe-flushing this spring, providing the first concrete evidence of the cause of excessive lead levels in thousands of homes." The Post states, "Experts have wondered for months whether the city's lead problem could be blamed on a change in disinfectants, from chlorine to chloramines, at the water treatment plants in 2000. Lead levels in household tests exceeded the federal standard in 2002 and have continued to do so." The Post adds, "The treatment plants stopped using chlorine because it creates byproducts that are linked to cancer with chronic exposure. Water experts say further study is needed before they decide whether chlorine will play a role in solving the city's lead problem."

So is my blood now more like aswimming pool than molten lead?

Is that good news?


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