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Wednesday, May 26, 2004

The City of umm ahh non-deity secular and completely fictional possibly winged creatures that were at one time associated with a major religion.

The ACLU has jumped off the boat once again and has filed a petition to remove the cross from the Los Angeles (that is "The Angels" in english) County Official Seal.

In case you have'nt seen the seal, here is a picture of it. They have blown up the image so that you can even find the cross. The cross was incorporated into the seal to represent the area's settlement by Spanish missionaries who, in the 1700s, founded two of California's famous missions in what is now Los Angeles County.

My new hero Micheal D. Anotonovich has sent them packing with some wonderful language in a letter to Ripston, He stated that the ACLU's letter was "right out of a George Orwell novel. Your failure to understand the history and to rewrite it from the so-called political correctness follows the hate of past book burners," the Daily News reported

And just to note:
"The seal's other symbols are: a triangle and calipers to represent industry - aerospace in particular; oil derricks; the Spanish galleon San Salvador that was sailed into San Pedro Harbor in 1542 by the explorer Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo; and a tuna and a champion cow named Pearlette, for the once-huge fishing and dairy industries."

What about the porn? Will no one stand up for the porn????


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