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Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Errors of ommission...

The Taguba testimony and follow up stories seem to indicate that it was not a policy, but in fact a lack of policy, "Failure in leadership, sir, from the brigade commander on down, lack of discipline, no training whatsoever and no supervision"

"Supervisory omission was rampant," Taguba, the author of a Pentagon report on the abuse, told the latest Senate hearing on the scandal, which has drawn worldwide outrage.

But Taguba told the Senate Armed Services Committee he did "not find any evidence of a policy or a direct order given to these soldiers to conduct what they did. I believe that they did it on their own volition."

Just a couple of notes. I'll wager that the sentence gets ommitted from most reports. I will also wager that the media will not note that the report, which was sent in its completed form to Congress and the media, was finished prior to the scandal becoming public and that corrctive measures had already begunto be implemented.


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