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Wednesday, May 12, 2004


This blog is unintentionally hilarious. It was designed to discuss a new Hybrid car owner's wonderful experiences with his new Honda Civic Hybrid, he even pre-ordered a "MO MILES" license plate. Alas it has not worked out that way.

Here are some excerpts:

"Two facts are undeniable at this point. First, my Honda Civic hybrid car barely gets 32 MPG, ridiculously less than the advertised 47-48 advertising mileage. Second, my dear wife -- a no-nonsense brand manager at a local company that made it's name on defensible ad promises like "99.9% Pure...It Floats" -- thinks I'm a spineless wimp and wants to huck my "Mo Miles" license plate into the Ohio River"

"I brought the car in for a diagnostic, which found, remarkably, that nothing -- technically speaking -- is wrong with my Honda Civic Hybrid. (Except that it only gets 32-33 miles per gallon while it's advertised as 48-50 MPG.)"

"What's next? Well, we still have a dysfunctional low-mileage car, and my wife is still giving me endless grief for driving around with a license plate that reads "Mo Miles. And so I'm dialing this up a notch."

Too sad and funny.

I almost feel bad now about pestering my wife that our next car should be a hybrid. Almost.


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