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Tuesday, May 18, 2004

I love quiet days....

Lots of work, not much bad news not much good either.

But these days, that works out pretty fine.

I heard that several Indian Congressmen though thenselves off roofs, attempted to douse themselves in flames and shoot themselves in the head as a result of Nehru Jr Jr Spaghettini declining the Presidency.

It makes me wonder what Carl Levin was thinking when Al Gore stopped his fight for the office in 2000.

Idol on tonight. Look for the Fantastic Burrito to blow it on one song atleast. And Diana It's not Delivery its Digiorno to eat up the top spot.

I hope Simon challenges those Hawaiiians again. The got nothing to do but call howlie. Its permanent vacation out there.

Meanwhile, I can only hope the wife comes home tonight.

On Monday she got to meet a super hero and somehow resisted his wily advances. Today its a rock god. She's only hman. Hopefully he won't have showered for a while.

Then again I have'nt really showered for while.


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