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Monday, May 10, 2004

If 99.9% of soldiers are performing well, then how the problem be sytemic ?: "[Daschle] warned against using ?those junior-ranking soldiers directly responsible for the abuse as scapegoats for a larger problem? and said he believes ?99.9 percent? of American troops are serving honorably. He also defended their presence in Iraq."

Daschle is in a tough race in Republican South Dakota so his turn to the right should not be a surprise.

But it is still schocking to hear politicians (Rangle and Kennedy I am looking at you) say out of one side of their mouth that the prison scandle starts at the top and that the abuse was the effect of a systemic cause, but also that 99.99 % of the troops are behaving honorably.

Why are they behaving honorably? Did not get the "Torture the Iraqi's" memo from Rumsfeld? Did they miss the "Digital Photography of Nude Prison Subjects" class taught by Cheney?

Maybe, both propositions can't be true.


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