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Thursday, May 27, 2004

"Kerry Says Threat Illustrates Bush's Failure To Make Country Safe From Terrorists. The Washington Post (5/27, A1, Schmidt, Mintz) :reports, 'The warning quickly became a partisan issue yesterday. 'I know that every American who watched the news last night or picked up the paper this morning was struck by the seriousness and the concern coming from this administration,' said Democratic presidential candidate John F. Kerry.' He 'said the threat points up the Bush administration's failure to make trains and chemical plants safer from attack and to inspect containers coming into the nation's ports.' "

Kerry is such a jackass. No matter how protected trains planes and automobiles were the threat would still exist. Should we just barricade ourselves with duct tape into a room. That would protect us, maybe.

The warning demostrates the administrations desire to give the public as much information as possible as soon as possible. That is a good thing. By playing politics with the threat it just causes the administration to be less forthright about threat conditions.


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