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Tuesday, May 25, 2004

The New York Times > Massianinc Militarist?: "Ralph Nader, the independent candidate for president, condemned President George W. Bush yesterday as a 'messianic militarist' who should be impeached for pushing the nation into a war in Iraq 'based on false pretenses.'"

Messianic Militarist?


I wonder if Ralph is going to go as far left as possible in order to moderate John Kerry for the rest of the electorate. Is it possible that in their little meeting Kerry told Nader to go crazy left. As far out there as possible. So that he could then distance himself from those comments and place himself in the middle.

Not a bad strategy. Bush hatred has sewn up the left base for Kerry and the close election of 2000 has marginalized Nader. Now all kerry needs is those swing votes who might be afraid to vote for him because he is too liberal.

If he has a liberal bogeyman out to his left he can point to Nader and say "That is the left way out there. Look at me. I am in the middle between Bush and Nader."


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