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Thursday, May 13, 2004

Mmmmm wild bacon arrrrrgghhhhhh
Seems like many states are having issues with large numbers of PIgs gone Wild! What is the solution? Killem! Kill em alll!

"Several states have responded by declaring open season on wild pigs year-round with no limit on the number that can be bagged.
Tennessee, for example, allows hunters to kill as many wild pigs of either sex as they wish on private land, with the owner's permission.
The Missouri Department of Conservation pleads with hunters on its Web site: 'If you encounter a feral hog while hunting deer or other game, shoot it on sight.'"

Pig hunting does sound interested, after a few beers I understand they begin to look quite attractive. But watch out:

"Feral pigs wield four-inch razor-sharp tusks and breed so prolifically that their populations are escalating dramatically in some places"

Let's see, bad teeth, weight issues, slutty... sounds like high school.


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