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Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Reform Party...clearly insane

The reform party has nominated Ralph Nader as its candidate. Which is significant as the RP has ballot access already in FLORIDA, Michigan, Oregon and Colorado.

Whether Ralph Nader accepts the nod or not is unclear but here are some highlights from their press release:

"In 1992, founder and presidential candidate Ross Perot received over 19 million votes. Four years later, Ross Perot received over 8 million votes. Today, the Reform Party USA has over 1 million active supporters. For example, in November, 2003, in Mississippi, Reform Party candidate Billy Blackburn pulled over 182,000 votes.

This year, with your help, Ralph Nader can win the office of the Presidency, since over 80 out of every 100 registered voters did not vote for Democratic or Republican candidates in the 2004 Primaries."

Holy cow, well who did those voters vote for then? Who got 80% of the primary vote? Who is this magical candidate?

Turns out: its nobody. Because very few people actually vote in the primary. Why? Because they are primaries! And guess what, all of the Republican primaries were meaningless and 2/3 of the Democratic primaries were meaningless too. But what the hey, it is a statistic and the Reform Party is willing to use statistics, however bogus, to prove that Nader can become President!!!


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