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Thursday, May 13, 2004

Republican U.S. Senate candidate Mike Miller promises not to bring up nepotism issue

Mike Miller, who is challenging Senator Murkowski in the Republican primary in Alaska is not going to bring up the fact that Lisa was appointed by her father.

For example he doesn't bring it up in the above linked article:

"'I have an 18-year record of being a conservative. Lisa's record, quite frankly on a lot of issues, is fairly liberal. She has the nepotism issue out there. I'm not going to bring it up, but it's out there."

And he avoids it here:: "While Miller said he would not raise the nepotism issue if he decides to run against Murkowski, 'it's out there, let's face it.' "

And he definitely does not say it here: "Miller, 52, said the issue of nepotism would doom Murkowski in a race with the expected Democratic candidate, former Gov. Tony Knowles.
'Both are liberals, so the only issue would be nepotism - and Lisa Murkowski loses to Tony Knowles,' he said. 'In a race with Mike Miller, Tony Knowles would have to talk about issues.'"

And finally he avoids it completely on his website:Mike Miller for U.S. Senate For example, he completely ignores it here: " Because Lisa Murkowski and Tony Knowles share similar views on many issues, the general election will turn into a referendum on nepotism, rather than a debate on public policy. This is a referendum Republicans will not be able to win."

And here:"Key Points: Knowles wins against weak, liberal Republicans, Murkowski & Knowles are similar on many issues leaving nepotism as the deciding factor for many voters"

Kudos to you Mike, for staying above the fray and not uses the nepotism issue in any way shape or form.


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