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Monday, May 24, 2004

So you want to be a real Washingtonienne?

Has the Jessica Cutler story inspired you to travel on the road to power, whilst remaining firmly on your back? Do you too want to see the inside of Washington's sleaziest hotels, hang out with the uber-powerful Washington Insiders like Agency Chief-s of Staffs, Senate Intern coordinators, appropriations aides?

If so, you may be asking yourself how? Well obviously you will need to check your morality at the door and pick up alot of lubricant.

Then you need to apply to be an unpaid Senate intern. Where?

Well here is an example:

"031803 - INTERNS -Northeast Democratic Senator seeks unpaid Interns. Excellent experience for recent graduates or college students seeking Hill experience. Interns spend half their time providing administrative support, and half their time performing research, drafting correspondence, and attending hearings for legislative staff. Priority given to applicants with strong writing ability and individuals who can work full-time, or as many full days per week as possible. E-mail resume, cover letter, one writing sample, and names/phone numbers of two references to....."

I let you fill in the blank and follow the link (caution it may take a while and you need to go into few, ahem five ahem, pages.

Note that the above job description only details about half of the jobs you will actually be performing. The bonus being that you actually get paid for the unlisted job activities.

So buck up, America's graduates. With one phone call you too can become the belle of of the swamp we call Washington D.C.. At least for three or four days anyway. Then its a book deal and a guest host spot on the View!


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