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Monday, May 17, 2004

They came, they saw, they tied the knot... Boston is going to have one hell of a Democratic convention I tell you. I wonder if Terry McCaulliffe is going to actively request stations south of say, Hartford Connecticutt, not to broadcast the thing. It really can only hurt their cause. Gay marriage may be a woderful thing in theory to certain block of America, but it is going to come off as one giant parade to 75% of the country.

One note to those experiencing marriage today. I am a married man, so I feel qualified to give you advice. Before I was married I could use my ATM card to get cash out of an ATM machine. Now I have an ATM card but my wife won't tell me the pin number. Sure I could go down to the bank and get the number myself, but that would require (1) effort, and (2) telling the people at the bank that my wife does not let me have access to the cash. Admittedly the money is mostly hers. But still, I am a human being.

Also I am often actively requested to tell the cat how much I love him. And if I don't, there are reprecussions.

Welcome to the terror dome homosexual America....

And here is another report from this morning events in Cambridge, outside the municipal courthouse...:

"They walked, with heads up, without music, or cheering, or any hope of escape from long and weary life who's only true promise of liberty is in death.'

'It went on and on and on. Bailiffs carried the shattered wills and broken souls from the courthouse well until they too dropped from exhaustion. But still it went on.'

'Whatever freedom the gay community held was lost today. Homosexuals have ignored all that the steel and cruelty of marriage can give, and they have neither cringed nor retreated.'

'In the words of her followers, 'Long live Rosie O'Donnell.' '"


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