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Thursday, May 13, 2004

Vote Jasmine! Vote Early vote often "Fox's American Idol threw another curve to viewers Wednesday evening when California native, La Toya London, was sent home after lacking the votes to move forward in the competition."

It was quite a shocker.

But I do not cry foul.

Instead I cry Kudos to you America! Let's stick it to Simon Cowell where it will hurt him the most, in the pocketbook.

For two years now we have played his stupid little game and given him a somewhat marketable commodity at the end of his show, thus guaranteeing him future profits.

But I say no more. I was dismayed at the early exit of John Stephens. i could imagine no winner who could more easily topple the Cowell empire than he. But he is gone. Thankfully, though America has not lost its sour taste for Simon and continues to place calls for the least marketable of the crew.

Of course at this point I have to root for wither Jasmine or Diana. Jasmine is a lovely girl. Perfect for a Bennetton commercial really, a silent commercial. Diana on the other hand, can sing, but I would wager the album cover will not feature her likeness. Can't imagine her in a video either. My wife said she's cute. I say maybe, if she is a close family member, you would describe her as cute, but she is still standing in the back row of those family reunion shots, if you know what I mean.

Fantasia, finally, can sing and perform. And will likely win because, at their hearts Americans are meritocrats. I say resist that urge America. A vote for Fantasia is a vote for Simon and we cannot let that stand!


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