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Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Yes! We have no terror free bananas..

Apparently those bananas that you are eating right now are paid for in blood. Now Chiquita may be in hot water with the Justice department because, by paying off local terrorists to not attack their workers and banana shipments, they have unwittingly violated US law that prohibits support offoreign terror organizations.

I eat plaintains myself. More fiber. Longer shelf life. And often, believe it or not, cheaper in my local store.

Although one time I bought a plantain that was really two plantains fused together to form one split tailed plantain (split tail? where have I heard that word before?). Plantians, unlike bananas are sold per unit as opposed to per pound. Anyway because this was one unit of plantain I assumed it would be charged singularly. Instead the cashier rung up the single unit as 2 plantains!!! The nerve. That is what the DOJ should be investigating.


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