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Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Ahh the Clinton lie machine continues...:

This is from the CBS site, which documents untruths but then completely ignores them...

The article states:

"In the book, Mr. Clinton makes it clear that he compounded his mistake by lying about it to his wife, child, the Cabinet, and the country.

Clinton: "Basically what happened at the end of 1995, I was involved in, as I try to say in the book, two great fights. A struggle with the Republicans over the future of the country, which I won. And a struggle with my old demons which I lost ... And if there had been no Kenneth Starr, if we had different kind of people, I would have just said, "Here are the facts, I'm sorry, deal with it however you please. "

And then the article goes on to write this:

CBS News | Truth And Marriage | June 21, 2004�02:23:04: "Two days after Mr. Clinton told Hillary the truth, he gave his videotaped testimony to Kenneth Starr�s grand jury. The tape, which was released to the news media, showed the normally confident Clinton at his worst, humiliated and embarrassed: "When I was alone with Miss Lewinsky on certain occasions in early 1996 and once in early 1997, I engaged in conduct that was wrong."

His testimony was tortured. And he used careful, legalistic language to avoid perjuring himself. "

The entire friggin thing was perjury. CBS just contradicted itself as Clinton contradicts himself in the same article!!! Which is it?

The Washington Post to its credit points out this inconsistency with the book, his interview and his sworn testimony.

" In his August 1998 grand jury testimony, Clinton said he began an inappropriate sexual relationship with Monica S. Lewinsky in 'early 1996.' His testimony, as was widely noted at the time, was in conflict with Lewinsky's story: She testified the relationship began on Nov. 15, 1995, in the midst of a government shutdown.
Starr's prosecutors, in their report to Congress, accused Clinton of lying about the date of their relationship in order to avoid admitting that he had sexual relations with an intern, as Lewinsky still was in the fall of 1995 before being hired for a paying job in the winter. "

It does become difficult to keep your story straight.

I just wish Clinton would write the real tell al book that everyone wants to read. Something bawdry and purient that would stay on the best seller list for ages.


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