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Monday, June 07, 2004

Al Gore says the most treachorous person he has dealt with is...a Democrat.
The most powerful comeback came from Florida's top Democrat, U.S. Sen. Bob Graham, whose seat Penelas is seeking.

''People in Florida who know Alex Penelas know he is a quality person and has been a Democrat under difficult circumstances,'' Graham said in a telephone interview with The Herald that was facilitated by the Penelas campaign. ``It is not easy in Miami-Dade County to be a vocal Democrat as a Cuban American."

It is not my place to call Algore unhinged. I am sure he hears that from hs psychiatrist daily. But I would tell him that if he states in consecutive weeks that this administration is the most dishonest since Nixon, but that a Democratic Senatorial candidate is the most dishonest person he has ever met, then maybe just maybe he has to reset his gyroscope.


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