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Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Bush Abortion Ban Unconstitutional

That is an actual headline from AP.

Is it discussing a ban on abortions by bushes?

Or from people named Bush from having an abortion?

Or a lawsuit started by a woman named Bush trying to have an abortion?

Or even finally legislation named after President Bush that bans abortions?

None of the above.

Actually Partial Birth Abortion Legislation that was signed by Bush was found unconstitutional by a single district court judge in ...wait for it...I know what you are thinking... could it possibly be... San Francisco? Yes Phyllis Hamilton's court room in San Francisco became home to the first PBA ban case to reach a true decision on the merits of the act.

By the way I will give you three guesses as to who appointed Phyllis. First two don't count.

Not that ideology matters in judicial appointments.

I am waiting for these AP headlines, in light of this recent one:

"Bush Economy Keeps Steamrolling Ahead"
"Bush Prescription Benefit Plan Provides Seniors with Drug Benefits"
"Bush Diplomacy Ends Sudanese Slaughter"

Just a thought...


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