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Wednesday, June 02, 2004

The City Formerly Referred To With A word that some people connote to be associated with a major religion has thrown in the towel.

The City of Micheal Landons has decided to remove the cross from its city symbol. As someone who is married to Hindu I am glad that the city has kept the cows up there. Not all religions offend the masses according to the ACLU, just the christian ones.

"'Where does it all end?' lamented Supervisor Don Knabe, who said that changing the county seal would be tantamount to 'rewriting history' in a region shaped by Catholic missionaries. 'I do not think we should capitulate. As the largest county in America, if we roll over, what's next?'"

What's next? Well, I would watch out the next time some lawyer asks you where you live buddy. If you say Los Angeles you will be spreading religion, and we just cannot have that.


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