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Thursday, June 17, 2004

Dance Dance Revolution Day 4: The Revolution will not be Danced

So I got up early this morning to dance, dance dance my way to lobotomized happiness. And I met with middling success.

Good news first: The cat no longer has the high score.
Bad news: That is because I figured out how to erase the high scores.

Still I am an abject failure at this game. FAILED!

I picture myself as one of those hip hop happening kids with seven legs and rhythm to boot but I end up looking like Billy Ray Cyrus at the end of the Achey Breaky Heart Video.

You know the part near the end of the song where he starts to throw his legs and feet around for no apparent reason and completely out of time and step with the music.

That's me.

But worse.

And without a mullet. Sort of the Randy Quaid to Billy Ray Cyrus's Dennis Quaid. The Tito Jackson to Billy Ray's Micheal.

The good news is this. I have decided to make the ultimate teen age decision to aid and abet my quest to Dance Dance Dance my way to cultural understanding.

I am going to use the internet to cheat.

Ahh, the internet. Remember when it didn't exist and there was more than a handful of people on earth actullay putting forth any effort whatsoever into anything? Me too. The Dark Ages. Not that hitting Ctrl-C, Ctrl-V a dozen or so times a day is not effort mind you. I am a collage artist. A mix master. A duper. that is my art, that is real effort.

So now all that is left is to pick a song. Up until now I have been focused on Shiny Disco Balls by Who Da Funk. Which may have been part of my problem. It is a relatively difficult starter set, despite the super cool title.

So now I am going to ratchet down a notch and try: AFTER THE GAME OF LOVE by NPD3.

I think this is more appropriate. I am printing out the steps right now, closing my office door and moving furniture.

It is going to be a busy lunch.


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