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Thursday, June 24, 2004

Excellent new round of Kerry Polling on RealClearPolitics

These polls seem to put the Zogby conclusions in doubt:

"FL: Kerry 47, Bush 46, Nader 2
PA: Kerry 44, Bush 43, Nader 7
OH: Kerry 49, Bush 43, Nader 2
NJ: Kerry 46, Bush 40, Nader 7
TN: Bush 51, Kerry 41
NC: Bush 47, Kerry 42
AZ: Bush 44, Kerry 41"

If Kerry wins FL, PA and Ohio, that's it, the election is over. Clearly it is very close in PA and FL, but it is better to be close and ahead than close and behind.

On the other hand a new set of polls from FOX News seems to have the opposite conclusion in their polls:

National: Bush 47% Kerry 40 Nader 3
Florida: Bush 48% Kerry 38% Nader 3
Michigan: Bush 42% Kerry 40 Nader 5
Ohio: Bush 45% Kerry 41 Nader 4
Pennsylvania: Bush 46% Kerry 41 Nader 3

Once again, I should say, these polls are completely meaningless until after the conventions.

I should also say that whenever I get a telemarketing call I always say "green beans" to every question until the person hangs up.

My record is 11 green beans.


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