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Friday, June 04, 2004

HughHewitt.com, kicks ass. Mr Hewitt says of George Soros' comparison of Abu Ghraib to 9/11:

"George Soros needs a subscription to National Geographic. I repeat the money quote from the story in the magazine's new issue that I linked to yesterday, 'Reaching for Power: The Shiites of Iraq':
'By mid-January of 2004, 270 mass graves had been reported. The Free Prisoners Society estimates that five to seven million people 'disappeared' in the past two decades, the majority of them Shiites.'
The Democratic Party is not just whistling past the graveyard, it is whistling past hundreds of graveyards full of millions of bodies. "

The entire article bespeaks of a man who has been on vacation too long and is happy to be back in the fray.

Thank goodness he has returned.


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