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Monday, June 07, 2004

A humble proposal...
It was just announced that this Friday the Federal Government will be closed in honor of the passing of President Ronald Reagan.

The announcement contained a caveat:
"The federal government will be closed Friday in honor of former President Ronald Reagan, the White House announced Sunday.
Exempt from the closing are operations department and agency heads determine ``should remain open for reasons of national security or defense or other essential public business,'' according to a proclamation issued by President Bush. "

National security or defense or other essential public business. Here's an idea that will truly honor Reagan. If you are a federal employee who's job is deemed unrelated to national security defense or essential public business, and you get Friday off work, why don't you just take off Monday as well, and Tuesday, heck how about the whole month, year and decade.

If you are employed by the public in a "non-essential" role, then maybe, just maybe your job shouldn't be funded by the public at all.


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