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Wednesday, June 02, 2004

No one likes "Senator Fingerhut" The goods news for Eric Fingerhut is that when you get poll numbers like this:

"Incumbent U.S. Sen. George Voinovich leads Democratic challenger Eric Fingerhut by 31 percentage points, a new poll by The Plain Dealer shows. Voters surveyed say they favor Voinovich over Fingerhut, 55 percent to 24 percent. Twenty-one percent are undecided. ";

it cannot get much worse.

The bad news is that even if every undecided voter votes for you, you still lose. Even if every undecided and 4% of the Voinovich vote for you, you still lose.

Of course the ultimate bad news is that even if you win, you still have the name Fingerhut. It sounds like a kiosk press on nail stand at the mall. Come on down to the Fingerhut! Get your press on nails with little kittys on them.


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