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Sunday, June 06, 2004

Punchy "Tin Chin" McGraw prdects both Hopkins, De La Hoya Wins in Vegas

(meanwhile I am looking for a new horseman as Stumpy "Withers" McPhee completely failed me on his Belmont picks. I think Withers takes a liking to the drink now and again and that may have affected his picks.)

Here is the post fight recap from "Tin Chin":

I called both fights dead on: Hopkins cruised to a decision, and Oscar got his UD 12 in a much tougher fight than expected. But I'm dissatisfied. On my card, Sturm won 119-109, which was not what I predicted. I could almost understand the close decision for Oscar: he was the busier fighter in the first half of the fight, and did some decent work to the body. Some judges consistently favor that type of effort, although I thought Sturm landed the cleaner punches and was more effectively aggressive in almost every round. But it was criminal to award Oscar the 12th round; Sturm boxed circles around a defeated fighter. I understand that deserving fighters get cheated, but that was just crass. I factor the judges' perfidity into my handicapping, but I did not count on theft of this magnitude. So, even though I nailed that fight it was more luck than skill.

Even though I do not expect Oscar to show up doughy (as he did tonight), Hopkins will beat him hands down. It won't be a fight.

I was completely wrong about the De La Hoya fight. Although that is to be expected. Truth is everything I know about the fights I learned from my horseman's Withers McPhee's description of the Jockey fights at Santa Anita. Ugly thing a jockey fight. Little, jaundiced men, without fear of the knife jumping and pouncing around a stables like two ferrets on acid. .


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