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Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Samizdata.net has some recap on yesterdays flight to space

"There may have been some re-entry damage affecting roll controls. I have heard incomplete and contradictory information. SpaceShipOne did come into the landing a bit hotter than expected. I have heard numbers like +5 mph"

Scuttlebutt is the best word for it at this point. I have heard stuctural damage to ship itself, missing glide planes (whatever those are) and now this. One report said something was hanging down below the craft as it landned. Another said the whole ship was very close to cracking in half.

Some of the stories are probably based in truth. It is doubtful that the ship returned in the same condition that it left in.

All of the stories serve to underscore the danger inherit in spaceflight which should not be forgotten. It will be quite a long time before exterme types will have consistent access to private space travel and several lifetimes before commercially available flight will safely avaialable for the masses.


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