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Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Ultimate Frat Boy Ticket.... Kerry-Breaux...:

Frat Boy #1 "Dude who you gonna vote for?"

Frat Boy #2: "Bro', I am voting for Kerry-Breaux"

Frat Boy #1 :"Kerry's got a bro'?"

Frat Boy #2: "No bro, Breaux is a Breux not his bro."

Frat Boy #1: Ahhha bro."

So why Breaux, other than the obvious appeal amongst the non-voting male 18-22 set? Well Politics1 reports that "Shifting to the Kerry veep choice, did you know that Kerry held a lengthy private meeting with Senator John Breaux (D-LA) last week -- their second over the past two months"

Breaux makes sense both for the Party and the Ticket. First he is retiring so there is no potential Senate seat loss. Second he is somewhat of a centrist. He is a serious man, who is very popular in his home state. He could tip the already close LA into the Dem category.

Which would be nice for the Dems.

BTW, although this blog does not gamble, Sen J Breaux to be 2004 Democratic Vice President Nominee is a good bet on tradesports right now.


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