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Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Winning friends and influencing Enemies errr the Fench : "The U.N. Security Council headed for a unanimous vote in favor of a U.S.- and British-backed resolution on Iraq (news - web sites)'s future on Tuesday after last-minute changes on military policy met demands by France and Germany."

The deal looks like a good for the U.S troops:

The most contentious issue was how much control Baghdad's new leaders would have over major U.S.-run military operations after the June 30 transfer of power. The resolution would give international legitimacy to a new Iraqi interim government and authorize a U.S.-led multinational force, now at 160,000 troops.

Last week the United States and Britain agreed that the Iraqi interim government had the right to order U.S. troops to leave Iraq and made clear the mandate of the multinational force would expire in January 2006, when a permanent Iraqi government is expected to take office.

Which is fine, as we want to leave anyway.

Meanwhile, in other news, Coaltion Forces rescued Italians, Pole Held in Iraq. Which is very nice.

The woman on the hill has a literal front row seat to many of the Reagan related events of this week, so I will keep you updated as to any behind the scenes info.


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