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Friday, July 16, 2004

Dave Kopel has Fifty-nine Deceits in Fahrenheit 911:

It is a well researched piece with responses from Moore. the response are less than responsive in most cases and it leads Kopel to ask the question:

"Do the many falsehoods and misrepresentations of Fahrenheit 9/11 suggest a film producer who just makes careless mistakes? Or does a man who calls Americans: "possibly the dumbest people on the planet" believe that his audience will be too dumb to tell when he is tricking them? Viewers will have to decide for themselves whether the extremist and extremely deceptive Fahrenheit 9/11 is a conscientious work of patriotic dissent, or the cynical propaganda of a man who gives wartime aid to America's murderous enemies, and who accepts their aid in return."


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