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Wednesday, July 07, 2004

LANCE! Ahhhhh-ahhhhhhhh Master of the Cyclists!: "Lance Armstrong claimed back his familiar Tour de France leader's yellow jersey when U.S. Postal won a 40-mile team time trial in Arras Wednesday. "

But watch out for Tyler Hamilton and Phonak...

"Swiss team Phonak, led by American Tyler Hamilton, were second more than one minute behind in 1:13:10 while Spain's Illes Baleares were third, a further eight seconds adrift.

U.S. Postal were impressive, clocking the third best ever average speed in a Tour de France team time trial at 53.71 kph (33.3 mph).

The stage was held in dreadful conditions, rain falling steadily on a windswept course.

Phonak's result was a feat in itself as they endured five punctures and dropped three riders. "

The Tour instituted the Lance rule this year to prevent Lance from gaining even more on his rivals. In the first couple of years of his ascent he was a one man wrecking crew. But recently he has put together a tidy little team which has been dominant on the team trials.

In light of that development, "New regulations in force Wednesday limited gaps between teams to 10 seconds according to their finish, the team placed last losing a maximum of three minutes. "

So there is no huge advantage to be gained on the team trial as there was in the past.

Still it is nice to be in first. And another American in second.

Suck on that frenchie!


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