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Tuesday, July 06, 2004

This post is patented.: "A coalition of lawyers, researchers and software experts formed by the Electronic Frontier Foundation will try to overturn 10 Internet and software-related patents that the group says are so sweeping they threaten innovation.
While most of the patents are held by little-known companies, two industry leaders have also been named: Clear Channel, which has patented a way to distribute recordings of concerts within minutes after they end, and Nintendo, whose patents include some concerning platform software for hand-held games. The list also includes one individual."

This is the most ridiculous patent the are going after, "held by Acacia Research of Newport Beach, Calif.; as the company describes it, the patent covers systems for 'the transmission and receipt of digital content via the Internet, cable, satellite and other means.' "

Hopefully the Office will consider this request thouroughly. But more importantly, this will lead to a better review process before the patents themselves are granted.


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