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Wednesday, July 07, 2004

We make up the questions....you decide...

I am big fan of White House Counsel Alberto Gonzales and I think that the White House is doing a great job in opening up access to the public for "Ask the White House" online interactive forum.

That said. It sure would be nice if the questions were a little more balanced so it wouldn't seem like Senator Orrin Hatch was feverishly typing all of the questions himself on his Senate computer.

Here are todays highlights:

Neil, from Pennsylvania writes:
Are present federal judges having to do more because the federal government cannot agree on who to appoint and confirm for the many judicial vacancies across the country?

Translation:"Those Senate Democrats are risking our entire judicial system! Aren''t they rotten?"

Also nice use of Pennsylvania, a swing state, really conveys the message that the White House cares about Pennsylvania's needs.

Katy, from Portland writes:
Having recently passed the bar and being active in politics, I have a question for you. If you could go back and do this all again, would you? Is public service really worth it? To me it appears if you stand up for what you believe in, the other side will do anything to demonize you.
Personally, I think it's sad. I believe your administration is ethical and honest. And I'm not a card carrying Republican. Im an Independent. I have voted for both parties.
When I've thought about running for office, I shake my head. Has it been worth it for you and your family to serve?

Translation: "Why are you so awesome?"

Also she is an independant! From Portland even! So you know this is true: "I believe your administration is ethical and honest."! Who would make that up?

Tom, from Georgia writes:
Why are we talking about judicial nominations when there are so many other pressing topics like the economy and Iraq?

Ok this one might be a realone that slipped in. Clearly Tom in Georgia has caught on to the whole scheme. Tom will have to be taken care of, alert the DOJ...

Rick, from Latrobe writes:
I thought you all had made some deal with the democrats on judicial nominations? Wasn't this supposed to be fixed?

Translation:Hey those Senate Democrats are a bunch of lying backstabbing weasels! I hate those guys!

In a rare show of restraint Gonzales actually manages to answer this pseudo-question without pointing out that both John Kerry and John Edwards are Senate Democrats. And another question from PA. They are really campaining hard. This question however was likely drafted by Senator Rick Santorum who hasn't caught on that it is ok to go anonymous on the internet. His aol screen name is probably senatorricksantorum.


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